Database Cleansing Service (DCS) cleans up of email and mobile database at low rates. For live demo/online access and details, please click here
If you are seeking an IT partner for rapid, integrated solutions, you have found what you are looking for !
We provide creative, swift yet pragmatic and technically sound solutions to help you meet your targets.
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We offer packaged and custom-developed solutions for your company and organization. We are specialized on SMS and Internet technologies.

We have the most advanced SMS solutions in the Philippines: Our web-based BRANDED SMS System is used by major companies in the Philippines and international clients to send Bulk SMS with custom SenderID. We are also the only company in the Philippines that offer industrial grade DATA CLEANSING for email and mobile databases.

We offer custom development for Online Order Taking, Live Quote, enabling your website with SMS via our HTTP API and custom programming for site-specific Web-mining. We also carry select packaged software.

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If you have an I.T.-related or Technical Product or Service that you wish to introduce in the Philippine market, we can help you.

Setting up a Representative Office requires $200,000 inward remittance and filing and fees with multiple Government agencies. We recommend instead that you engage us to communicate with your local leads and provide support.

With us, you don't have to choose between two evils "no expense but weak sales because of absence of local support" or "high expense but with local support but hgh business risk". With moderate investment, you acan establish local presence through us.

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We consider all Client data as confidential information, for exclusive use of the Client, that shall be accessed by us only in pursuit of the interests of the Client, as explicitly stated by the Client.

We do not accept personal use or commercial use hacking requests & projects.

We only selectively accept special ops requests from legitimate law enforcement authorities for legitimate purposes, particularly in pursuit of national interest.


Founded in 1996, Digital Visions is a CompTIA recognized Information and Communication Technology (ICT) company based in the Philippines. It has a Management Team that has over 100 years of combined Technical and Management experience accross various Industry verticals.

Digital offers diverse range of products and services that is rapidly growing. IN our 16 years, we have developed - and continuing to develop - custom systems as well as business-ready, web-based solutions.

We are the leader in SMS: we offer the most advanced SMS-based technogies from high speed bulks SMS (1,000,000 in 5 hours) to proximity marketing system that sends bulk SMS to all mobile devices up to 2km radius to SMS-enabling websites via HTTP API to Data Cleansing Service for mobile database clean up. We also do custom web- and Internet- programming.

While we are on the forefront of technology, we also continue to support our core, legacy solutions for Schools (School Management Systems), for Call Centers / Business Process Outsourcing companies (VOIP and IP PABX), Small Businesses (simple pre-programmed out-of-the-box PABX).

The unifying thread of services that Digital provides is the dedication to rolling out working solutions with speed and flexibility. At Digital, we understand that timely AND effective results are of the essence.

Entrepreneural spirit drives Digital. We welcome challenges and we look forward to working out solutions that work best for our Customers so that you can be effective in serving yours.

We invite you to know more about us and what we can do for you.

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Updated 15 June 2012
26 Jan 2012: Bulk eMail service has reaches commercial production stage with system capacity of 40,000 per day or up to 1,000,000 per month and is now available to customers.
06 Dec 2011: Database Cleansing Service (DCS) completes Beta stage and now available for offered to email and Mobile marketers who want to clean up their databases to make blasts more efficient with accuracy level of 95% to 99.99%

09 May 2011: R&D completed for mobile reprogramming services to enable Auto Forward /Auto Relay of SMS from primary phone to secondary phone in background / stealth mode. Available for law enforcement, private individuals and professionals in lawful surveillance

28 Mar 2011: BRANDED SMS HTTP API for Web-toSMS SMS-to-Web applications opened for commercial release


Bulk Email

Data Cleansing Services

School Mgmt System
Packages Software &Licenses
Custom Web Programming

Digital Visions is a founding member of the BPO Services Association (BSA/U).
Visit the BSA/U website at http://www.bsau.org to learn more about our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Association .