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We are specialists in the field of GSM/ SMS and Web Technologies. We offer:

Web-based Bulk SMS/ Text blasting with licensed telco connection to Globe Sun Smart.

PROXIMA SMS Proximity Marketing System.
Live detection and text blast to mobile devices within up to 2km radius. Available only as service for commercial entities.

DCS (Data Cleansing Service).
Industrial-strength database checking system for email and mobile. Bulk checking of status of mobile numbers to identify subscriber status using direct feedback from telco systems. Detailed email verification including Yahoo and other webmail.

Bulk Email/Email Blast. Outsourced bulk email with deatiled reports on opens, click throughs. Including conversion to HTML and file hosting.

Other Services: Web Mining, Web-to-SMS HTTP API, IP PABX / Asterisk / VOIP setup, Online Systems Development

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· V230 · Microsoft/Linux Licenses · ACCEDE Applications · Security ·
Virtualization Device V230 - The Green Computing Solution

[V230 is P 8,880.00/unit pickup effective July 10, 2009. Add P 200.00 for shipping. Orders of 6 or more shipped free of charge. Payment options: over the counter (check requires 3-day clearing), bank deposit, Moneygram, Western Union. It is also available for online purchase at US$ 200.00 each - Payment via PayPal Verified Merchant.]

The V230 is an economical palm-sized hardware-based Virtualization solution aimed at addressing main IT-related cost concerns.

  • Lower Cost of acquisition - The V230 utilizes the unused capacity in high-performance PCs and disperses that power to up to 10 or 30 other terminals (each requires one V230) within the LAN to create simultaneous multi-user access. At just P 8,880.00 (effective July 10), it exempts your Company from having to purchase or upgrade individual CPU for each user. It also saves on software: in a Windows2003 network, you only need to purchase CALs because the V230 does not require a WindowsXP license.
  • Lower Cost of Utilities - The V230 uses only 5W of power compared with up to 500W that each CPU uses. This reduces direct electrical consumption - the savings alone in a year covers the cost of the device. The lower heat load has an indirect benefit of reducing airconditioning costs and discomfort to staff. It is environmentally friendly. V230 is an embodiment of the GREEN COMPUTING initiative. At P 600+ savings per month, it pays for itself in year.

  • Lower Cost of Support - The V230 eliminates workstation-level support. Takes 5 minutes to setup and no further task will be required at the user side. There is no moving part, nothing to break.
  • Lower Cost of Space - The V230 is palm-size and can actually be mounted with double-sided tape behind an LCD monitor. A full CPU would take space under desk thereby requiring workstations (and the office itself) to need larger space.

Each user has an individual workstation that consists of a standard monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers (not included). However, instead of connecting directly to a PC, these peripherals connect to the V230. Similar commercially-branded V230-like devices (an example is shown in the video below) are used in US, EU, Africa and Asia. V230 requires NO OPENING OF CPU. It is connected only to LAN port via regular CAT5 UTP.

Click here to download the Product Specifications and Datasheet for your reference. Please Contact Us for any inquiries or to purchase. The V230 is exclusively distributed by Digital in the Philippines, as appointed by Sabertooth Technology, the OEM/manufacturer of V230.
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Microsoft and Open Source /Linux Technologies and Licenses

We offer Microsoft and Linux-based Licenses. Digital has been a Microsoft Partner since 2000 and has offered Linux products and services since 2005. Our Staff have Certifications in both proprietary technlogies (Microsoft, Cisco) and vendor-neutral technologies covered by CompTIA Certifications. If you need installation services for Cisco, Microsoft Server, Linux Server and Asterisk, please visit our Services page.

For more information on Microsoft, please visit http://www.microsoft.com. You may also request for license quotes. Linspire websites are http://www. linspire.com (USA) and http://www.linspire.ph (Philippines).
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ACCEDE Packaged Software Applications

ACCEDE SMS - School Administration & Management System
ACCEDE HIMS - Hospital Information Management System
ACCEDE GPS - Geographical Plotter System
ACCEDE eGOV - Local Goverment Unit (LGU) eGovernment System
ACCEDE MCI - MCorp Infotext System (Texting / Short Message System)
ACCEDE BANCS - Bank Administration and Control System

ACCEDE SMS ACCEDE School Administration & Management System is currently used by Schools manage a combined population of over 4,000 students from Registration and Enrollment to Class Scheduling and Grading, to Tracking of Payments.

ACCEDE HIMS ACCEDE Hospital Information Management System is currently used by over 60 hospitals nationwide. HIMS covers Patient Management (Registration, Admission, Discharge & Transfer, Electronic Medical Records), Ancillary Services, HR Management, Accounting System, Materials Management.

ACCEDE GPS ACCEDE Geographical Plotter System provides visual mapping of lots based on geographical coordinates. Plotter is currently used by over 40 banks

ACCEDE eGOV ACCEDE eGOVERNMENT is a suite of information technology solutions that facilitates the flow of information in all levels of a Local Government Unit’s organizational structure. It can be implemented in the provincial, city, or municipal type of operational environment. It features a modular approach to enable LGUs to invest in most urgent needs first. Its main components are Revenue Generation (Real Property Assessment, Real Property Tax Billing, Business Permits & License), Financial Management (Cash Collection, Cash Management, Budget Monitoring, Government Accounting System, Point of Payment), Administrative & Planning (Personnel, Payroll, Property Management, Procurement). We also have subsystems for other functionalities needed by LGUs. Used by LGUs in over 40 provinces, cities, towns and municipalities nationwide.

ACCEDE MCI ACCEDE MCorp Infotext [formerly ACCEDE SMS / ACCEDE QUICKCOUNT SMS last May 2007 Elections] provides SMS/Text interface to applications as an option to manual computer input. MCI is also currently used to support the SMS/Text communications needs of over 50 SMEs for Message Alerts and Text Broadcasts and Autoresponders.

ACCEDE BANCS ACCEDE Bank Administration and Control System is a secure, affordable, BSP-compliant computerized system for Rural Banks. BANCS is an upgrade built on the foundations laid out by USAID-funded RB2000 System being used by 70 rural banks and endorsed by the Rural Bank Association of the Philippines (RBAP).

Please Contact Us for your specific requirements.
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Access Control / Intrusion Detection and Prevention

We offer an assortment of Consumer/Commercial/industrial grade analog and digital cameras and recording devices, door security and locksets, and stealth software for monitoring computer use.

For security penetration testing, please refer to please visit our Services page. This is an essential service for Financial Institutions so you can assess how secure your data network is against hackers.

For high security applications (Military or for protecting high-value assets), we can provide fiber-optic based perimeter protection systems.

NOTICE: Restrictions may apply for select security devices. We work with foreign and local affiliates to implement these solutions. We guarantee confidentiality to our Clients. If you have a particular problem, siuation or security concern, please Contact Us so we can assess if we can help you either directly, indirectly or through R&D.
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