We are specialists in the field of GSM/ SMS and Web Technologies.
We offer some of the most advanced GSM/ SMS services - from Bulk SMS/Text Blast, Data Cleansing Services, Bulk email, custom systems development.
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We offer hardware and software for IT and communications.

Remote Management Systems.
IP-based and GSM-based Remote Management Sytems, GPS-based Tracking Devices.

Plug and Play Analog PABX System.
Upgradeable PABX systems from 4 x16 to 8 x 32.

Software. Packaged software including School Management System, Software Licenses & more

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We offer products and services for Government, Education and Private Sectors.

We recommend our Products & Services by Sector page to End Users who are seeking solutions attuned to their industry.

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We are specialists in the field of GSM/ SMS and Web Technologies.

  • BULK SMS/TEXT BLAST System. Web-based Bulk SMS/ Text blasting with licensed telco connection to Globe Sun Smart. We offer web-accessible hi-speed wired connection to all telcos with throughput of 1,000,000 in 5 hours - no SIM, no Modem, No software to install. System Report provides details including status of numbers. Commercially marketed as BRANDED SMS - see http://www.branded-sms.com
  • WEB MINING. Web Crawling/ Spidering, Custom Database development. Big Data mining, Internet-based programs, Custom APIs for bulk web data extraction.

  • DCS (Data Cleansing Service). Industrial-strength database checking system for email and mobile. Bulk checking of status of mobile numbers to identify subscriber status using direct feedback from telco systems. Detailed email verification including Yahoo and other webmail. We are the ONLY provider of this service in the Philippines and we cater to both local and international clients.
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  • BULK EMAIL - Outsourced bulk email with detailed reports on opens, click throughs. Including conversion to HTML and file hosting. P 0.50/email for minimum of 10,000 emails.
  • SOFTWARE - Installation and customisation service for our ACCEDE Line of customisable Packaged Applications including:
    ACCEDE HIMS - Hospital Information Management System
    ACCEDE GPS - Geographical Plotter System
    We also offer Microsoft Licenses FPP MOLP
  • OTHER SERVICES - Web-to-SMS HTTP API, IP PABX / Asterisk / VOIP setup, Online Systems Development


Bulk Email

Data Cleansing Services

School Mgmt System
Packages Software &Licenses
Custom Web Programming